About Us



Moana is a qualified and professional Makeup Artist, based on the Gold Coast.

She is extremely passionate about what she does and takes great pride in making her clients look and feel their absolute best. Moana took interest in the beauty industry at a young age after realising she had a creative eye and decided to direct her creativity to the makeup world.

Starting as a hobby she quickly found her passion and decided to take things further qualifying with a Diploma Of Specialist Makeup Artistry at the National Academy Of Beauty in Brisbane.

Moana has a friendly personality and will ensure your beauty experience is a relaxing one. She will create the look you want to achieve by working with you and taking your personal style into consideration.

Moana has worked on countless women and men of all ages and nationalities for many and varied occasions. She looks forward to working with you.


Tiana Pearl is a self taught and professional Hair Stylist, based on the Gold Coast.

Tiana finished school and found her passion. She realized she had a desire to work with hair. In her spare time she practiced hair styles that were difficult and achieved the look when she set her mind to it.

Tiana fell in love with Hair styling all over again when she had the opportunity to make it a career. Tiana takes absolute joy in her work and wishes to make women and men feel confident when they see the finished look.

Tiana has a bubbly, amicable personality who loves working with every type of hair under the sun. She believes that you should invest in your hair, as it is the crown you never take off.

Hair Styling takes practice, appreciation, time and dedication. That's what Tiana has instilled in her every time she faces a new client. She cant wait to achieve the look you love.