should i get a trial ?

Yes we do highly recommend booking a trial, more so for any of you interested in bridal or formal makeup and hair this is so you are able to get a feel for the look you might want on the day and if you want to change anything you can let us know before your big day, we do get booked out quite fast so we recommend booking your trial as soon as possible or at least 3 months before your date.

how many people are you able to do?

Our team here at Moana Rose Elite Makeup And Hair Artistry has worked with large group bookings of 10-15 people because there are two of us it means we are able to complete a full makeup and hair application all together in 45 minutes or less as Moana Rose (Makeup Artist) and Tiana Pearl (Hair Stylist) will be working on one person at the same time completing the entire look in 45 minutes or less.


should i get a spray tan?

Spray tans are more of a personal decision but we would highly recommend one if you are not already naturally tanned or have a darker skin tone. Spray Tans help with giving you that summer bronze glow helping your skin to look healthy and even out any uneven skin tone on your body we would recommend you trial your Spray Tan before your event if you have not had a Spray Tan before.


when should i wash my hair?

It all depends on what sort of hair type you have. If you have thin hair its best to wash it 2 days before your appointment. If you have thick hair then the day before will be fine. We don't recommend washing your hair the day of the booking if you can help it. Fresh overly clean hair doesn't hold as well as hair that is 1-2 days old. Our hair stylist can refuse to work on your hair if it is too dirty. For health and hygiene reasons our hair stylist can also refuse to work on your hair if you have head lice. 

should i have a skin routine before my wedding?

Yes you should. A good skin routine is key. We highly recommend you start at least 3 months before your wedding. As Makeup Artists we can only work with what you have naturally. Makeup wont clear your skin or make those tiny bumps go away completely, but what you can do to help everything look a little more flawless is drink as much water as you can. This helps to flush any toxins out of your body before they come out through the skin on your face. We recommend you cleanse and exfoliate once a week, this helps to get rid of any dead or dry skin. Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized if you have dry skin. If you suffer from more extreme skin conditions seek advice from your local GP.

is a deposit required to book ?

Yes, we require a non refundable deposit. This secures your booking. Without this your booking will not be held. Contact us for more information.